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Elect Dr. Keesha Benson for Pinellas County School Board CountyWide, District 3

We all know that the school board plays a major role in the quality of education our children receive.

It’s so important to make sure we elect the right person for this position. We need a candidate who is passionate about education and is committed to making sure every child has access to a great education.

“That’s why, I am running for school board because I believe in healthy children, strong families, and engaged communities. As an educator, I know what a student-centric quality education looks like. As a Pinellas County resident, I want to ensure an educated citizenry as the future of our community. As a parent, I will advocate for the needs of every child in Pinellas County as if they were my own.” -Dr. Keesha Benson

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Together, we can strive toward accomplishing the vision of Pinellas County Schools:


“I believe that effective leaders lead from a place of humility, inclusion, and accountability to those that they serve.” 

Dr. Keesha Benson

Parent ~ Educator
Community Advocate ~ Leader

As A Parent

As an active and engaged parent, I understand what the past few years have been like for families and school personnel. I have experienced the day-to-day challenges of navigating remote and in-person learning environments while balancing family, work, and community commitments.

As An Educator

I have served as an educator for over a decade. I know firsthand the importance of providing all students with access to an inspiring, diverse, rigorous, and nurturing learning environment. 

As A Community Advocate

I am an inclusive and equity-centered community practitioner with over 15 years of experience engaging in community-level work with children and families, nonprofit organizations, and community stakeholders.

As A Leader

As a leader in Pinellas County, I most recently served as a non-profit executive where I oversaw a portfolio of research, evaluation, and shared learning for systems change efforts impacting the residents of Pinellas County.


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